Only The Finest Tuna Quality

The company will carry the “La Mia” brand, which in the local vernacular of Visayas and Mindanao is a play of words for “Lami ahhh” (means delicious with the sound that comes from having finished a satisfying meal).

The company aims to distribute canned tuna products in retail sizes primarily in key markets of Visayas and Mindanao. Its long term strategy is to cover the entire Philippines and be recognized nationnaly as the leading brand in the industry.

Our variants will include canned tuna flakes in oil, tuna hot and spicy, tuna afritada and other new flavoured variants.

3 Mouthwatering Flavors

Grow with Us

We have the expertise, network and longevity in the business that enable us to succeed in this exciting new venture.

An additional business portfolio with the high potential for success and get ahead of the leading market brand.

We have point of parity of our products' taste with the leading market brand, and our point of differentiation is our affordable pricing.

A Winning Achievement

Attractive incentives for the distributor organization for growing the business exponentially.

Dedicated and highly trained SUIC distributor specialists to partner with your teams.

We can do quick and agile decision-making as we are structurally a more compact company.

Our Story

The company is an exciting new venture from the mother company Seatrade Canning Corporation, a pioneer in the canned tuna manufacturing industry. Seatrade is a family-owned corporation, and has been serving the international market (EU, UK & US) since 1992. It is the world-recognized for its quality and taste of its canned and pouch tuna products, such as tuna in oil, brine and other flavoured variants in retail & industrial sizes.

With SEATRADE’s sustained success because of its tuna expertise, talented employees and advanced technology, as well as the constant evolution of the tuna industry, the company realized the significant potential of serving the local market with ready-made meals and other convenient & healthy food products.

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